No Netflix Don’t Worry I Have The Best Online Alternative!


there are no more excuses to be bored

This 2020 started with very good movies and the more the months go by the more we are surprised by the main filmmakers, netflix is ​​not the exception having extensions that compete with the best movies but this time it is a new website where you can see these premieres totally free !!

I found her browsing and annoyed by all the pop-ups that come out and boom I found the perfect one I talk to her about Anubis Movies,

A page with a very simple interface, with the best old movie releases as well, Demolition Man 1993, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 1989. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare 1991, Princess Mononoke 1997, Cry-Baby 1990, Forrest Gump 1994, movies worthwhile To return them to see that everyone who likes cinema has to have them in his repertoire but there are also the most recent films such as The Lovebirds 2020, Bloodshot, Survive the Night, Bad Boys for Life, and many more,

It also has a very extensive repertoire of the best series titles like SEE, The Purge, Dark, altered carbon, stranger things, black mirror, sex education, The Witcher, The 100, Ozark, Breaking bad, The OA.

The page is updated daily to always have the latest films and series.


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